What’s Up

What’s Up?

What’s up? : This polite greeting is a shorter way of asking “How are you?” or “How do you do?”  It is a very casual way to ask about what’s been happening in a person’s life when you first greet them.  It is often accompanied by a smile or hug but not a handshake due to its very casual nature.

Have you ever asked someone “How are you?” or “How do you do?” instead of that word? Maybe you should give it a try.

Note that it is not WhatsAPP! but it is What’s up?
Speaking of WhatsAPP, did you know we have WhatsAPP lessons. Come schedule a WhatsAPP lesson with Teresa and give it a try!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Katheryn’s next casual, polite greeting.

Kathryn Reilly is a veteran English teacher with freelance writing and editing experience. While teaching students from diverse backgrounds and learning abilities, she has created many educational aids and implemented new lessons to enhance their learning experience. She has created online educational tutorials as well as content articles for a variety of clients. 

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