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Why do we study English? Why do we work hard to perfect any language? You’ve spent a few years learning English and you are perfectly able to communicate what you want to convey in English, yet you keep studying. Why?

You practice your presentation skills over and over again. Why?

Of course, simply, it is because we want to look and sound intelligent. We want people to believe us. We want credibility. How can others believe that we know what we are talking about if we can’t make our point clearly in English?

Well, today I am here to tell you there’s more to it than that. Yes, being fluent in the language you are presenting in is very important, but so are tone, body language, and perception.

With the right tone we can project confidence, happiness, sadness, importance, humor and so much more. Try smiling when you talk on the phone, versus frowning. You automatically sound happier just because you are smiling. Try laughing or speaking in a happy tone while slumped over with a depressed stature. It is difficult isn’t it? Our bodies naturally adjust our stance to our moods.

Just as important is our projected body language. If a man tells you a joke with his body slumped over and while looking at the floor is it easy to get his humor? Not so much.It’s just not natural. It seems funnier if the he is perky, smiling, looking outward. Have you ever watched mimes? They can display humor without a word; solely on body language.

The perception of the listener/watcher is important too. As presenters we have every ability to influence the perceptions of others. Creating the desired perception is a foremost important aspect of public speaking.

The TED talk to follow is really about nothing, but you will see how the speaker uses body language and the influence of perception to deliver the message he intends.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did…


See what I mean?!

Were you bored while listening to the talk? What was it about? Nothing, right? But it really was about something. It was a demonstration about how you can use your body language and so much more to influence the perception of your listener.

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