Taking the IELTS Speaking Test Can be Grueling (part2) – by John Riley

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February 25, 2017
Taking the IELTS Speaking Test can be grueling (part3) – by John Riley
March 8, 2017
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Taking the IELTS Speaking Test Can be Grueling (part2) – by John Riley

The IELTS speaking test is grueling and preparation is the key to calming your nerves.

Taking the IELTS Speaking Test can be grueling (part2) – by John Riley

Asking Questions

Can I ask the examiner questions?

  • It’s not cheap ( 2000 RMB / £200 last time I checked) and I have seen rich family after rich family throwing away vast amounts of money believing that the more the test is taken the more chance of passing there is. There isn’t. Get good and then show off. ASKING QUESTIONS When learning anything we are told to ask questions, be inquisitive. Good advice for learners, bad for test candidates.

  • Examiners are not allowed to speak to you and everything they say in the test is scripted. They are not allowed to veer away from it apart from in Part 3 and even then they are working within certain question parameters. When students query something about the question and just get it repeated verbatim back to them, it’s easy to see how their idea of the examiner can be formed but you mustn’t let it affect your performance and they mean nothing by it. They are not being rude or antisocial, they are just adhering to the rules they must follow and create the perfect test conditions that are equal for all candidates. Although you only come in contact with the examiner for 15 minutes, they can have a huge impact on your confidence. I have had candidates literally shaking with fear in front of me unable to produce anywhere near the quality of language that they obviously have the skill level for. It needn’t be like this. You don’t need to fear them. They are merely a conduit through which you can prove your command of the language.

John Riley
John Riley
John Riley is an Australian native English speaker who has worked in education for the past 8 years. He has recent experience with screenplay writing and script analysis, and has a BA Hons degree, TEFL and CELTA qualifications. John is an expert in linguistics for the British Council in Beijing, where he has tested and marked English written and spoken work for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

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