World’s English Scholarship Fund

Hello my dear friends,

My name is Toni and I am the founder of World’s English. I have taught many students from around the world and my desire has only intensified to help people become English experts and better their situation through English.

You see, English is the language of the world, and knowing English opens many doors for an individual. Often, it may be someone’s key to escaping poverty. As such, many people, all over the world desire to study English. We have changed our pricing options every way we can think of and have brought them to the most affordable level possible. Unfortunately, it does cost money to run a school and a website with such a great curriculum and highly qualified teachers. Sadly, this forces us to turn many potential students away who have great desire to learn and the potential to work very hard, but simply do not have the means to pay for even the lowest priced lessons.

I want to help these people, and I hope you do too. That’s why we have created a scholarship fund for disadvantaged students. Applicants will be required to submit an essay, even if it is in their native language, to share why they want to study English. They must also complete level testing to show that they have enough language ability to be able to succeed in online learning. Applicants must be at least 10 years old. The winner of a scholarship will receive 3 months of free lessons, which is enough to take a hard working student to the next language level. Students will leave the 3 month program with a learning plan to keep them busy for quite some time improving their English abilities through self study, and will be allowed to apply again once a year.

We would be so grateful for your donation. $29 will pay for a student for one month. $87 will provide a full 3 month scholarship for a student. Every dollar, Euro, etc. helps. Please click the “donate” button, and thank you so much from the bottom of our World’s English heart.

Most gratefully,
Toni and everyone and World’s English

P.S. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please use our contact form to send us a message.