How are you?

It is time for casual polite greetings practice.  Kathryn is back to test your learning. Please don’t disappoint her. Cop and paste your answers to the comments. Are you ready?


Welcome back! Nice job! You made it through all of the polite greetings. Well, that's not all of them but it is the main ones. Now let's see what you learned. 
 A. While shopping, you encounter a friend from college you haven’t seen in a year. What is the best way to greet him or her?
 B. You attend cookout and know that the host’s father has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. What is the best way to greet the host?
 C. While attending the movies, you see a coworker you enjoyed working with on a recent project. How should you greet the coworker?
 D. You’re meeting a group of people whom you know on a weekend to go hiking. What would be a good choice to greet all the friends in the group?
 E. Around lunchtime, you run into a coworker in the cafeteria. Which greeting would be appropriate to begin a conversation?
 F. Your friend organizes a happy hour outing for a small group of people, several whom you do not know. What would be a good greeting to use for the individuals you are meeting for the first time?
 G. You agree to meet a friend at the movie theatre. Upon seeing him or her, you’d like to say hello casually and ask about their life. What would be the best greeting to use?
 H. You’re meeting a younger, very good friend for a night out on the town. What would be a good polite greeting?


Here are your choices

Hey there!

What’s up?

How’s everything?

How’s it going?

Good to see you.

How’s your day?

It’s been a while!

Nice to meet you.


Now that you’ve learned these polite greetings why don’t you schedule a group lesson so you can practice with your fellow students?

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