Polite Greetings

Greeting someone with Casual Polite English Greetings is the first step to making a good first impression.  While you likely know “Hello” and “How are you”, these very casual greetings may not be quite right for every type of encounter.  You should use polite greetings  when meeting someone for the first time, when greeting someone you’ve met a few times, when greeting someone you haven’t seen a long time, or when greeting a coworker outside of a business context.  Be sure to also use friendly body language such as smiling, eye contact, and/or an extended hand for a handshake.  A wave or hug could also be appropriate if the meeting is between friends and taking place in a causal environment such as a mall or at a park.  This week we will share the eight most common with you. Visit daily for the next eight days to learn them.


In the meantime, why don’t you schedule some lessons so you can practice?


Can you tell us some of your favorite casual polite English greetings? Let’s see if Kathryn’s are the same as yours.




Kathryn Reilly is a veteran English teacher with freelance writing and editing experience. While teaching students from diverse backgrounds and learning abilities, she has created many educational aids and implemented new lessons to enhance their learning experience. She has created online educational tutorials as well as content articles for a variety of clients. 

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