Listening on Your Own – Part 2 – by Ana Sierra

Listening on your own? By Ana Sierra
February 4, 2017
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February 6, 2017
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Listening on Your Own – Part 2 – by Ana Sierra

Hey there! Welcome back!

Remember Ana’s fun lesson last week on listening on your own. Well she’s back this week with more great ideas to help you build your listening skills, so listen up!

Listen, listen, listen. Then repeat to check  you can say that, and finally, using these expressions, say something about you!!

You can subscribe to these sites or you can browse looking for different teachers’pages, trying to find the one that suits you the best. You just listen to a short video many times and say the same things at first and change ideas later, in order to describe your own experience or background, for example:


You listen to this many times at home, while you clean the house or wash the dog!, then say the same about you: “Hi, my name’s Ana and I’m a teacher….” You can actually produce after you practice, right there, you listen and then you speak!

Many people love music, so why don’t we use more songs to practice? Or as homework? We can listen to songs in English and do some tasks to remember some vocabulary from their lyrics. We can listen to songs and read the lyrics, just that, just for fun! And it’s so easy to find songs with printed lyrics,right?


or we can add some grammar topic to them:

so then, when we listen to the songs we remember vocabulary and grammar! Without any boring rules or exercises.

It is always a good idea to start with simple activities, as the one we mentioned before, just reading the lyrics and listening to the song, for a start. I really think this gives lots of input and we get used to listening. It is a kind of icebreaker. Then we can add some complexity to the activity, such as filling the gaps:


or even singing:


Listening. How essential it is and how neglected it was. It is time for a change. And today we have new technology that can help us a lot. We have listening devices everywhere, different kinds, and different tools in them, social networks and internet sites. Let’s take advantage of all this and make our English practice more fun!!!


Ana is a lively and fun English-Spanish translator and tutor from Argentina. Did you enjoy her lesson? Thank you for the great ideas, Ana!

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