Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Use this greeting  when you’ve been introduced to a new person by someone you know.  For example, if you’re attending an office party and a coworker introduces you to one of his or her friends, “Nice to meet you” would be an appropriate greeting.  Only use it when meeting someone for the first time.

Another way is to say, “It’s nice meeting you”.

Are you new to World’s English? Did you know you can have a FREE trial lesson. We hope you will book yours today. It would be It’s nice meeting you

Do you suppose a martian might say It’s nice meeting you if he came to Earth?

Did we mention it would be nice to meet you? Have you scheduled your FREE lesson yet? Come on over! Oh yeah, I guess we did already mention that. Sorry, but it’s just that we would really like to meet you. 

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