My heart was very happy to see this in my email this morning – by Toni Parks

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My heart was very happy to see this in my email this morning – by Toni Parks

Did you see last night’s performance?

World’s English is an American  school and as an English school we teach students from all over the world. The USA is a country founded on inclusion and the current president is fighting the very roots of our country, Most Americans still feel that all are welcome here and that the beauty of our country is its diversity. This morning I found two things in my email that help me to have hope for the future of our country and the world. First, a message from Air BnB. We receive no money from ABB to advertise for them. I am only reposting this because of my appreciation for what they are doing. I hope that more businesses that operate in the US will follow their lead.


The other thing that made me happy was all of the attention given to the message Lady Gaga gave in her performance in the Superbowl halftime show yesterday. In case you missed the show, here it is:

Thank you AirBnB and Lady Gaga! We love our immigrants and all those who have ever dreamed of coming to America.







World's English
World's English
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