General English


General English

These lessons are for all levels and the course focuses on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You'll also learn vocabulary and grammar, and how to speak in formal and informal discussions and strategies. If you wish to take a more intensive English program, Intensive English Courses are available with World's English Academy. General English is great for English students who needs to speak English for work, study, travel, or to pass an English exam such as IELTS or TOEIC, although we recommend that you take our test preparation course too.

World's English general English lessons focus on:

  • improving speaking skills, and developing accurate pronunciation
  • understanding grammar, and learning when and how to use it
  • listening and reading for the main idea and detailed information
  • building vocabulary and slang
  • using body language correctly
  • general writing development (or if you want to concentrate on writing we offer an English writing course)
  • understanding the culture of English-speaking countries ( You can also check out the USA culture course)

The World's English elementary English training is perfect for anyone with a basic knowledge of spoken and written English. You can communicate in a very basic way, mainly using the in the present simple and past simple, and know simple and everyday phrases such as ‘Hello, my name is Tomas’.

Why study General English with World’s English?

  • World’s English Academy General English course focuses on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • You will become proficient at vocabulary and grammar, and learn to speak in all types of situations and scenarios.
  • We will ask you to take a placement test and have a conversation with one of our expert teachers before you start. We will design a Personal English Action Plan (PEAP) for you that is specific to your English level and personal goals.
  • If you are in a hurry to learn a lot of English in a short time, one to one English Courses are available.

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