Hi, my name is Toni Parks, and I’m the founder of World’s English. I think I already know a little about you—let’s see if I’m right. First off, you want English lessons that are at your English level. The English language learning lessons should have topics important to your goals. They need to challenge you and keep your attention.


You definitely want an English teacher who is experienced, compassionate, and a native English speaker. Get a teacher you feel comfortable with. Maybe you would like to have a clear plan for exactly how to improve your English in the shortest time possible. Therefore, you need to have lessons at times that fit your busy schedule. Fortunately, We have online lessons which are best for you because you can study from anywhere.

We Can Help!

Does this sound like you? If so, I have great news—you’ve found what you’re looking for! World’s English is an online language school with specialized courses in business English, exam preparation, medical English and much more. When you sign up for a course with us, you’ll take an exam to determine your English level. Then you’ll receive a detailed plan—called your Personal English Action Plan—that shows exactly what you need to work on to improve your English.

A Real Plan

In your lessons, your teacher will use the plan to teach you exactly what you need most–so you’ll see real improvement from every lesson. Your lessons will be customized to your needs. If you need to progress very quickly, your teacher will assign homework so you can practice what you learn outside of class. If you don’t want homework, that’s okay too. At World’s English, we believe your English course should fit your needs.

We Do It For You

I love helping people improve their English because I know it can make such a difference in their lives. Likewise, it can open doors to better educational opportunities, higher paying jobs, and more confidence in English-speaking settings. As a World’s English student, you’ll have our 100% support in reaching your goals. We believe in you and want you to succeed!

Your Invitation to English language Learning

Finally, this is my personal invitation to you—don’t wait to make this commitment to yourself. If your English is holding you back, sign up for a World’s English course today and let’s get started! See you in a lesson!

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