Practice Speaking With Our Fun Teachers

Group courses

Participate in group classes where you will experience affordable lessons with a highly skilled native English speaking teacher. Your group lessons will be led by a live teacher and reinforced by optional homework assignments. You will have the opportunity to practice with a group of your fellow learners. You will be able to choose from a variety of courses and schedule that are best for you. Everyone is encouraged to speak.

Current course offerings are:

Dynamic Discussion (Intermediate through advanced)

Business English (Intermediate through Advanced

Speak Now (Beginner through low intermediate)

Speak Now for kids (Beginners age 8 and younger)

Busy Talk for pre-teens (high beginner through intermediate ages 9-13)

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Private Individual Lessons

  • Live, 1-on-1 English courses with native English speakers.
  • An online scheduling system that allows you to choose the time, day and teacher of each class.
  • Flexible classes that focus on what you want to learn and what you need to learn.
  • Professional, experienced teachers.
  • The option to integrate your private lessons with our World's Academy courses.
  • Regular progress reports
  • A free trial lesson so you can try us out and ask questions.

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Corporate English Language Solutions

Help your people excel in English and lead in business
  • We all know how important English is in today’s global marketplace. Are your employees prepared to meet the communication challenges they may encounter daily? Is miscommunication costing your business and creating problems?
  • We are native English speakers and experts in English language. But that’s not all! We are also business experts. Our classes are taught by individuals who have backgrounds in the specialty they are teaching. That means they know the lingo and they know how the language will be used. They understand the idioms, acronyms and other intricacies that make the language tricky. These teachers are prepared to help your people be more effective and competitive on the world stage.
  • Our Corporate Specialties team will create a program for your employees that meets your requirements and the demands of your industry. Your team will benefit from our 3-part learning system: Face to face online group lessons, comprehensive online World's Academy courses, regular progress evaluations and level testing. Contact us and today and move your team to the next level!

Companies can subscribe their employees to our World's Academy program. We offer discounted group rates. With our World's Academy courses you can receive regular attendance and progress reports for each employee so you can make sure your they are taking advantage of the great training you have offered them. You can specify the topics you would like them to learn. For example, many corporate subscribers want their employees to focus on presentation skills, travel communication, or vocabulary specific to their industry.
With their World's Academy courses, students will attend one or more group lesson per week with a skilled teacher and no more than 9 other students using Zoom video conferencing. They will have the option to choose from a selection of group courses for a time and skill level that is suitable for them as well as their preferred one on one teacher for their private lesson. Students are entitled to a monthly private lesson with a TESOL certified instructor (You can add more if you like) Lessons are about 55 minutes.

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See what a homework assignment looks like in the video below.