It’s been a while since we heard from Kathryn. Well, ok. It’s only been a day, but didn’t you miss her? We sure did. Here’s her next casual polite greeting:


  • Casual, polite greeting: It’s been a while!

This casual polite greeting is used to say hello to a person you haven’t seen for a long amount of time.  If it’s a good friend or family member, this greeting is often accompanied by a hug.  Similar greetings include “Long time no see!” and “I haven’t seen you in forever!”  Typically, this greeting is followed by an inquiry into how the individual has been such as “How are you?” or “What have you been doing?”

Are you enjoying the casual polite greetings so far?

Can you think of any more? 

Has it been awhile since you’ve practiced your conversational English?

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Katheryn Reilly is a veteran English teacher with freelance writing and editing experience. While teaching students from diverse backgrounds and learning abilities, she has created many educational aids and implemented new lessons to enhance their learning experience. She has created online educational tutorials as well as content articles for a variety of clients.

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