The following list is one that will make your experience of learning a more enjoyable one. We will ensure that your knowledge is reinforced and will never be forgotten.These five methods will make improvement in your pronunciation. Point number 1 will be a recurring theme here that should be considered the most important of all:


1. Rinse and Repeat

It would be surprising if you have never heard this before, so we want to make sure you know how important it is: repetition, repetition, and then some more repetition. Not just repetition, but even more repetition! It is not possible to understate the importance of practicing what you know and doing it over and over again to ensure that it sticks with you.

2. Do not take yourself too seriously!

You need to be willing to make mistakes before you can become good at something. Your first few pronunciations might be painstaking, but you need to fight through it and do it! It is impossible to fail if you keep trying. Keep trying, rinse and repeat, rinse, and repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

3. Do not go too fast while Pronunciation

Take everything slowly. You want to avoid learning mispronunciations, but mistakes are important for making progress. If you learn something incorrectly, you can relearn it. Even people who are native English speakers make mistakes for their whole lives until they learn the correct ways of speaking. It’s all about repetition and exposing yourself to multiple experts. Give yourself confidence in doing so by taking it slow. Rome was not built in a day – that means it takes slow and steady progress towards making something great of yourself!

Pronunciation Games!

4. Make use of all online resources.

Youtube is your friend! The internet is an excellent resource! Use a website with audio and video to help you. The professionals in the field of ESL teaching who want to popularize the best ways of self-improvement will make These videos. Every point here will come with a Youtube video link that we know will guide you.

5. Pay attention to details by Pronunciation experts and advanced English speakers.

Language is passed on from person to person, your brain is geared towards easily learning things from other human beings. Pay attention to people who are better at the language than you are so that you can become as good as them! Find many experts, find all the resources that are relevant to you, and keep exposing yourself to them and then, rinse and repeat. Repetition, repetition, and some more repetition.

By Thomas Marais

Thomas is a native English speaker from South Africa, who graduated cum laude and uses his honors bachelor’s degree in the Humanities to provide professional English tutoring to children and adults. He is a TEFL certified teacher who teaches teach both children and adults at any language level.

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