5 lessons – Positive Slang – lesson 4

September 18, 2019
Lexical level 6
September 22, 2019

Positive Slang Lesson – Lesson 4

by Katheryn Reilly

Common American Slang

Many words in the English language have more than one meaning. Slang words are words that are used in conversation differently than their definitions in a dictionary. Friends often use slang when speaking to one another; however, they are not typically appropriate in a professional setting such as a work setting. Below are common American slang words and how they can be used in conversation.

1. Suck
When used as a slang term, suck refers to being really bad at a particular activity or a really bad occurrence.
Speaker: “I really suck at being on time! I’m always late.”
Speaker: “This sucks! There are no more tickets available to the concert.”
Your turn: Write a sentence identifying a situation that would suck:
2. Hooked
This word describes something you really, really like. It can be a person or an activity.
Speaker: “I just tried rock climbing for the first time, and now I’m hooked!”
Your turn: Write a sentence describing something you’re hooked on:
3. Threads
This doesn’t refer to a needle and thread, it actually refers to the concept of clothes. This slang word always appears in plural form.
Speaker: “Did you see her new threads? They were so stylish!”
Your turn: Write a sentence describing the kind of threads you like.
4. Bull
While bull usually describes a male cow, it can be used as slang to describe a lie. In conversation, if you believe someone isn’t telling the truth, you can refer to the lie as “bull”.
Speaker: “Someone tried to tell me yesterday that it had rained, but I knew that was bull.”
Your Turn: Write a sentence identifying a lie as “bull”:

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