September 16, 2019
5 lessons – Positive Slang – lesson 4
September 21, 2019

– What the IELTS Band Descriptors say:

  • manages to talk about familiar and unfamiliar topics but uses vocabulary with limited flexibility.
  • attempts to use paraphrase but with mixed success

– So what does this actually mean?

The vocabulary that students use at this level can be used to describe familiar topics such as work or home as well as simple topics such as colours, transport, sport etc. Candidates are confident with the language they use here but tend to give basic language based around the present simple tense.

The ability to speak about an idea in their own words is not something seen at this level. Students can talk about their own experiences but lack the language to explain others ideas themselves.

– What can you do?

If you are at this level then you need to start thinking about how to give more information in what you are saying. Answers at this level are short due to this lack of knowledge of actual words. You mat know the basic adjectives like “excited”, “amazing” etc but are you using them correctly.

Eg, I’m exciting about going to France  –  I’m excited about going to France

You should also start looking at higher level descriptive language and combining it with adverbs. This will give your speech more depth.

In your studies try to think about how you can speak about fact and other people’s ideas in a condensed way. Take something you know about (here in China it’s ALWAYS Basketball or shopping) and think about how to paraphrase the information and give your opinion at the same time.

Eg, Most people think x y z because of x y z, but in my opinion, this is ……..

Expanding your scope of higher level language and collocation is key to breaking through this level and scoring those higher marks.

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