5 lessons – Positive Slang – lesson 2
September 7, 2019
5 lessons – Positive Slang – lesson 3
September 14, 2019

– What the IELTS Band Descriptors say:

  • uses a range of pronunciation features with mixed control

shows some effective use of features but this is not sustained.

  • can generally be understood throughout, though mispronunciation of individual words or sounds reduces clarity at times.

– So what does this really mean?

Candidates at this level are able to convey a certain amount of subtle meaning to the way they speak and can use intonation to some extent. Emotional value connected to surprise or shock, for example, can be placed on the language they use. However, this is not consistent throughout the test, and frequent slips are a feature at this level.

There can still be some influence from their mother tongue and mistakes related to this are prominent when they speak. The clarity of the student is of a decent level, but the frequent mispronunciation of individual words and vowel sounds can result in loss of clarity.

– What can you do?

Think about what you are saying and how you might express that in your mother language. Nobody speaks to somebody without intonation or emotion. If you are looking for places to start with this then picking an emotional noun and trying to speak using that noun can help a great deal.

Also, think about your use of stress. Which part of the sentence do you want the listener to focus on. Don’t be afraid to pause whilst speaking. as this can give added weight to what you are saying.

Candidates at this level have a tendency to speak quickly and become lost in their speech. When listening to yourself (you should be regularly recording yourself), take notice of the speed at which you are talking and moderate where needed. It’s a simple but very effective way of finding your natural rhythm with the language.

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