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January 2, 2021

A Message About English Language Learning From The Founder

Hi, my name is Toni Parks, and I’m the founder of World’s English. I think I already know a little about you—let’s see if I’m right. […]
May 7, 2021

Casual Polite Greeting – Nice to meet you -by Kathryn Reilly

Nice to meet you! Use this greeting  when you’ve been introduced to a new person by someone you know.  For example, if you’re attending an office […]
April 28, 2021

Casual Polite Greeting #6 – It’s been awhile! by Kathryn Reilly

It’s been a while since we heard from Kathryn. Well, ok. It’s only been a day, but didn’t you miss her? We sure did. Here’s her […]
April 21, 2021

Casual Polite Greeting #5: Good to see you -by Kathryn Reilly

Casual Greeting : Good to see you. Casual Greeting: This greeting is a statement rather than a question.  Of the other polite greetings listed here, it […]
April 14, 2021
How are you?

Casual Polite Greeting #3: How’s Everything? -by Katheryn Reilly

Ready for your next casual polite greeting? How’s everything? How’s everything is a casual polite greeting that is used to ask casually about another person’s life.  […]