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Frequently asked questions:

Can I choose/change my teacher?

Yes. As long as the teacher you want has availability you are always welcome to take a lesson with any teacher.

Can I get a discount for packages?

Yes. All packages come with a free lesson so you get 11 lessons for the price of 10.

Do I have to do homework? I don’t have time.

No. Homework is highly recommended to reinforce your learning but it is never a requirement.

Can my friend and I take a lesson together? 

Yes. You may take a group lesson at a discounted per person rate. One on one lessons must have only one student and one teacher.

Can I choose the topic?

Yes. It is recommended that you take mostly the lessons in your lesson plan because they are specially designed to help you resolve any English difficulties you may have, but you can ask your teacher to have a lesson on a special topic. For example, some students who are about to interview for a job want to practice interview skills.

How is my learning plan designed?

Your learning plan is based on a combination of your placement test, oral interview with an expert English teacher, and your interests. For example, if you choose to study Business English your lessons will be a combination of the skills you need practice with and Business English courses. Of course, you are always welcome to request other lessons.

I just want to practice speaking. Do I have to do structured lessons?

No. You should sign up for Conversational and WeChat/WhatsApp lessons. If you are an intermediate level or lower student it is highly recommended that you take structured lessons with the cooperation of your teacher so that you can practice all of the skills including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

I don’t have access to any of the payment options. Can I pay for my lessons another way? 

Yes. You may wire the funds through Western Union, then we will give you a coupon code to enroll in your lessons at no further charge. Please send a message for more information. Students in the United State have additional payment options.