5 lessons – Positive Slang – lesson 2

September 7, 2019
September 10, 2019
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Positive Slang Lesson – Lesson 2

by Katheryn Reilly

Social Slang Words

Many words in the English language have more than one meaning. Slang words are words that are used in conversation differently than their definitions in a dictionary. Friends often use slang when speaking to one another; however, they are not typically appropriate in a professional setting such as a work setting. Below are social slang words friends often use when getting together.

  1. Hang out
    The phrase hang out refers to getting together and spending time together. Hanging out could mean going over to a person’s home or meeting out and going to a restaurant or movie.

Speaker: “Let’s hang out on Saturday and watch a movie.”
Your turn: Write a sentence inviting a friend to get together:


  1. Chilling
    This slang word has nothing to do with cool temperatures. “Chilling” is often used to describe what someone is doing when they are relaxing with nothing scheduled to do.

Speaker: “On Friday I plan on just chilling and going to the pool after lunch.”
Your turn: Write a sentence describing where you’d like to be chilling:


  1. Dunno
    This response is a slang form of “do not know”. It is most often used between friends when one asks a question and the other does not know the answer. It is not professionally appropriate.

Speaker: “Do you know what time the movie is playing?”
Friend: “I dunno, but I can look it up on my phone.”

Your turn: Write a question in which you would answer “I dunno.”


  1. Pad
    Pad is a slang word referring to a house or wherever a person lives.

Speaker: “Have you seen Luis’s new pad? It’s huge with five bedrooms!”
Your turn: Write a sentence using the word pad to describe your dream home.

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